Edge Authentication

Reduce backend identity migration time

Save your development team dozens of tedious hours creating, integrating and maintaining internal authentication logic.


Simplify your identity backend

Platform teams today spend hundreds of hours building, adapting and maintaining authentication middleware to handle ever-changing token structures, identity tokens and authentication methods

Simplify your identity backend

Unify your identity structure

SlashID has a better way to handle authentication in the backend: pushing it to the edge and decoupling it from individual services.

This allows service owners to work on a unified identity structure without worrying about authentication logic, while also significantly improving responsiveness and performance for the end user.

  • Complete M&A integrations and identity migrations faster
  • Easily deploy Gate in your environment with your existing API gateway
  • IdP-agnostic: Work with any Identity Provider, not just SlashID
  • Execute arbitrary lambda rules to customize tokens and identities

Key differentiators

Why choose /id for your backend identity infrastructure?

Remove Authentication Middleware /

By moving the authentication logic to Gate, you empower your developers to not worry about authentication. SlashID allows them to get rid of complex middleware reducing time to deploy and your ability to adapt identity as needed.

Create a Unified Identity Structure /

No matter how many IdPs or token types there are, with Gate you can expose a unified identity structure to your internal services.

Customize tokens at the edge /

Enrich and modify tokens at the edge using our lambda execution layer combining tokens with data from internal databases or third-party APIs.

Reduced Downstream System Complexity & Load /

By offloading token processing from internal systems to the central Edge Authentication Services, downstream systems have significant gains in CPU performance, request latency, and garbage collection metrics, all of which help reduce cluster footprint and cloud costs.

Case studies

Netflix migrated to a Edge Authentication model to merge their identities

Netflix Engineering Blog

Couchbase Reduces Latency by 80% by moving to the Edge

Couchbase Case Study