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Benefits/Why SlashID

How can /id help your product?

SlashID helps you remove friction from your users' on-boarding, simplify your back-end and secure your customers’ data, without headaches.

Globally Distributed Storage

Reduce latency for the user and comply with data localization and protection laws such like GDPR.

Keep Users and PII Safe

HSM-encrypted data storage, passwordless flows to prevent phishing and account takeovers.

Accurate Analytics

Obtain precise user engagement metrics, no tagging necessary.

Resumable Flows

Create pre-authenticated marketing campaigns to increase user engagement.

Consent Management

Stay compliant with data protection laws like GDPR and CCPA.

Complex Identity Topologies

Family accounts, B2B2C organizations, federation and API keys.

Deploy Faster

Upgrade authentication infrastructure without lengthy and complex migrations.

Top-tier security and UX

The unified platform for Identity and Onboarding teams

Manage your fraud risk, users and performance from a single platform.

Products/All in one

Identity done right

/ Access

Create a seamless user experience.

Improve conversion across the user journey through UX-optimized onboarding flows.

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/ Data Vault

Serverless-ready secure user data storage.

Safely store sensitive user data from the front-end without it touching your back-end removing any compliance or security responsibility.

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Documentation/Designed for Developers

Get up and running with /id in minutes

We understand the complexity of upgrading an identity system, so we built all the APIs and services you need to make it easy.

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// Register a new user via WebAuthn
const user = await
    type: "email_address",
    value: "",
    method: "webauthn",


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Data Vault APIs

You can store in Data Vault only the user attributes you deem sensitive, without migrating your user table.

Access SDKs

Our web SDKs have a single, easy method to handle registration and authentication, and a simple way to store user data directly from your frontend.

Use cases/Product & Engineering

Identity infrastructure

The platform for onboarding and identity teams