The Edge Identity Platform

SlashID enables you to simplify your identity infrastructure and orchestrate the user flows that matter the most.


Identity done right.

Reduce latency, maximize user conversion and enable identity on any service instantaneously without middleware.

  • Gate

    Authentication at the edge

    Reduce complexity for developers, who no longer need to have knowledge of and responsibility for authentication.

    Deploying new identity-aware services with SlashID is a breeze and identity migration costs are dramatically reduced.

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  • Access

    Create a seamless user experience

    Improve conversion across the user journey through UX-optimized onboarding flows.

    Allow your users to securely resume any flow without needing to sign-in.

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  • Data Vault

    Serverless-ready secure user data storage

    Safely store sensitive users data directly from the frontend without it ever touching your backend.

    Create easy-to-resume user flows without maintaining internal logic.

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Get up and running with /id in minutes

We understand the complexity of upgrading an identity system, so we built all the APIs and services you need to make it easy.

Through Gate, our edge authentication service, your platform engineers can deploy SlashID without ripping and replacing your existing identity solution.

Our Data Vault APIs allow developers to store only the user attributes they deem sensitive without necessarily migrating your whole user database.

Our Identity SDKs have a single, easy to use method to handle authentication and registration and a simple way to store user data directly from the frontend.

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1// Register a new user via WebAuthn
2const user = await
3  AcmeID,
4  {
5    type: “email_address”,
6    value: “",
7  },
8  {
9    method: “webauthn”,
10  }


11/11 ln


How can /id help your product?

SlashID helps you remove friction from user on-boarding flows, simplify your backend and secure your customers’ data, without headaches.

  • Remove sign-up friction and increase multi-channel conversion
  • Let your users forget their password
  • Obtain accurate user analytics
  • Embed 1-click purchase in your marketing campaigns
  • Get rid of authentication middleware and simplify your backend
  • Stop credential stuffing and phishing attacks
  • Add authentication to any service with zero-config
  • Upgrade authentication infrastructure without lengthy and complex migrations
  • Manage your fraud risk, decisions and performance from a single platform