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Reduce friction in your registration and authentication flows and improve conversions throughout the user journey.

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Benefits/Why SlashID

Authenticate customers with 1-tap and no interruptions

UX driven

Contrary to other products on the market, our APIs are built with optimal UX flows in mind and maximum user authentication flexibility.

Direct ID

Direct-IDs allow users to land pre-authenticated on a webpage. With this functionality you can create resumable user flows, invitations, and targeted marketing campaigns that minimize UX friction.

Control costs and breaches

Our risk-based authentication logic reduces fraud attempts and keeps Customer Acquisition Cost under control.

Easily handle complex topologies

Implement complex topologies for your identity with seamless support for sub-organizations and hierarchical structures on B2B2C and marketplaces scenarios.

Retain your users when it matters.

Users drop-off when they face a frustrating sign-up or sign-in experience. Contrary to other legacy authentication solutions on the market, SlashID’s magic links don’t terminate the original user session resulting in optimal UX.


Boost conversions.

Increase your conversion rates by adding a DirectID token to marketing emails and other multi-channel interactions so users are already authenticated when they land on your page and can complete call to actions with ease.


Risk-based critical user flows

SlashID's unique approach to authentication enables a flexible number of authentication factors per user. Prompt users for stronger or weaker factors depending on the criticality of their operation. For instance, you can use biometrics for payments and magic links for simple account creation.

No interruptions, lowest latency

Our architecture is entirely serverless and globally replicated across most cloud regions to handle traffic spikes and minimize latency.

Features/Product & Engineering

Enable a frictionless user experience.

UX-optimized and flexible authentication methodologies compatible with any application flow.


Biometrics are a convenient, safe, and fast way to authenticate users into your application. Comply with PSD2 requirements without inconveniencing users and get rid of bots without using CAPTCHAs.

Adaptive, risk-based MFA

Contrary to the other vendors on the market, our unique technology allows for a flexible number of authentication factors ranging from magic links to biometrics without any opt-in required. You can perform MFA only for security-critical user flows, using one of the multiple factors available depending on the risk-profile of the user action.

Easy Import/Export of user data

Simple REST APIs to import and export user data and avoid vendor lock-in.

Make the most of your user base

Allow your users to connect to partner websites and services using your credentials. Easily handle complex hierarchies in organizations and user structures for B2B2C and marketplace use cases.

DirectID tokens

Allow your users to resume any flow without needing to sign-in. SlashID’s unique technology allows you to send pre-authenticated links at scale and to embed 1-tap purchases in your marketing campaigns. Compatible with all your favorite Marketing Automation tools.


Single Sign On (SSO) allows your users to log in using a third-party identity provider and provide you with all their information with just 1-click.

Documentation/Designed for Developers

Get /id running in minutes

We provide all the tools your developers need to integrate with SlashID, including support, easy-to-read documentation, and sandbox environments for testing.

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// Register a new user via WebAuthn
const user = await sid.id(
    type: "email_address",
    value: "newuser@gmail.com",
    method: "webauthn",


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