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Reduce the burden of handling sensitive data

Safely store your users’ personal data and comply with global data protection laws without any burden and legal costs.

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Benefits/Why SlashID

Trusted data storage.

Data Vault is a simple REST API that stores user data in a relational database encrypted with row-level HSM-backed keys. A data breach will not expose your customers’ data and you can easily comply with GDPR and other data protection laws.


Keep data secure

Adopt the most secure and compliant architectures used by top-tier technology companies like Block to manage users’ sensitive data.

Reduce a data breach blast radius

SlashID’s architecture prevents mass exfiltration of sensitive data. User data is encrypted with individual keys derived from a HSM-backed master, preventing an attacker from exfiltrating a database and cracking it offline.

Comply with data protection laws

Our databases are available world-wide and allow you to store your user data in the country where the user legally resides without any additional development work or infrastructure changes.

Features/Product & Engineering

Cutting-edge, out of the box data security for any product.

Easily adopt a strong security posture without the cost and risk of internal maintenance.


All user data is encrypted with a HSM-based root of trust. Attackers cannot exfiltrate data and crack it offline.

Database guarantees

Our service is backed by a RDBMS providing strong guarantees about data consistency and availability.

Non-custodial storage

Data can be encrypted with a user’s key pair reducing the company liability and complying with data minimization requirements.

Global availability

Our database is globally available, allowing for storage in the jurisdiction mandated by law without any development or operational effort.

Documentation/Designed for Developers

Set up Data Vault in minutes

We provide all the tools your developers need to integrate with SlashID, including support, easy-to-read documentation, and sandbox environments for testing.

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var sid = new slashid.SlashID()

const user = await sid.id(
       type: "phone_number",
       value: "+13337777777"
       method: "webauthn"

await user.set({"attr1": "value1"})

const attrs = await user.get()
// => attrs === {"attr1": "value1", …}


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