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Make any application identity-aware

Add Identity-based access to internal web applications, cloud console, monitoring dashboards, CI/CD pipelines, code repositories and more across all environments.

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Benefits/Why SlashID

Move to Zero Trust, deploy faster

Move to Zero Trust, deploy faster.

Adding identity to an application has always been a painful and time consuming endeavor requiring coordination with your IT and security teams.

Zero tolerance

Employ a Zero Trust security posture.

Lighter operations

Minimize security team and devops burden.

Get rid of VPNs

Don't trust security by obscurity.

Faster prototyping

Increase experimentation velocity.

Centralized infrastructure

Connect any application to your user directory.

Fast integration

Add identity to any application in minutes.

Key differentiators/Why SlashID

Why choose /id for your application access?

Release internal apps faster.

Anyone can stand up an application in minutes without requiring authentication logic or effort synching with internal user directories.

Follow a Zero Trust Approach.

Simply having access to the internal VPN or network doesn’t provide enough security. Identity-based access provides higher granularity than simply belonging to the same network.

Add Audit Trails to Internal Applications.

SlashID maintains detailed audit logs of the humans and machines accessing private applications.