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Granular user analytics and screening

SlashID is the only comprehensive platform to help you strike the right balance between risk and friction.

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Benefits/Why SlashID

Track user conversion

Optimize your marketing spend.

Use SlashID’s accurate telemetry to understand which flows see the highest drop-off while also providing the tool to easily increase account verification when fraud is too high.

Detailed data

Analytics and engagement metrics with user-level granularity.

Accurate targeting

Track marketing campaigns effectively.

Improved experience

Monitor flows and tune friction.

Validate user identifiers

Detect invalid email addresses and phone numbers.

Risk evaluation

Obtain a risk score for new users.

Key differentiators/Why SlashID

Why choose /id for user analytics?


Don’t rely on imprecise Google Analytics tracking, get better data about your users.

Cross-channel coverage

Monitor your conversion rate across marketing campaigns over any medium, not just your website.

Balance between friction and fraud

Monitor flows and add risk-based MFA.

Know which users are fraudulent

Monitor your users to detect account takeovers, bots and synthetic accounts.