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Acquire new users more efficiently

Your sign-up flow is key to acquiring new users. We make this process simple and frictionless so users don’t leave without signing up for your product first.

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Benefits/Why SlashID

Increase your conversion rate

Frictionless, low-latency user experience.

When it comes to onboarding, the fewer the steps the better. Remove lengthy sign-up forms and allow users to access your product the fastest way possible. Use SlashID’s SSO and passwordless authentication protocols that don’t break user flows.

Stay connected

Global availability results in faster response time.

Easy compliance

Comply with PSD2 without inconveniencing your users.

Safe and secure

Detect which users are synthetic to reduce fraud and CAC.

Smooth experience

SSO, Magic Links without UX break, cross-device WebAuthn.

Reliable data

Accurate user statistics; know which flows yield the most users.

Secured accounts

Get rid of credential stuffing and account takeover attacks.

Key differentiators/Why SlashID

Key differentiators Why choose /id for onboarding?

Easy integration

Your developers can easily integrate our APIs to enable one-click authentication for all your users in minutes.

Resume any user flow

Allow your users to resume any flow without needing to sign-in.

Auth without Breaking the Flow

Contrary to other solutions, SlashID allows for multi-factor, risk based authentication without breaking the UX flow.

KYC with best providers

We integrate with the best provider in each country to give your users the fastest response, and the most seamless experience.